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Gif hunts

I'm here to help you with all your roleplay needs. I do gif hunts, crackships, edits, and if I'm in the mood, I'll make specific gifs. Send in requests!

New Aly Michalka gifs || MINE

- I’ve been making gifs of Aly Michalka for my own use and I figured I’d share it. I don’t use watermarks on my gifs, but it’d be great if someone asks who maed them, give them my personal.

- Like this post if you download them.

- Gif count: 21

- Enjoy!

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Eliza Dushku gif hunt.

- Like if you save.

- None of the gifs are mine, unless otherwise stated. If you want your gif removed, message me and I will do so.

- I’m sorry if there are any repeats.

- Gif count: 300+

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Crackship requests?

I am bored out of my mind at the moment, and I really want to do some crackships. Send in requests? I’ll give you guys a cookie, and a fluffy kitten.

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I’m tired, and I have an MRI tomorrow. Send in requests so I have something to do when I get home.

Things I will do:

- Gif hunts

- RP/blog advice

- Crackships (favorite thing to do tbh)

- Color change on hair, clothes, etc (Submit what photo, and what you want changed here)


you came to the wrong neighborhood motherfucker

this was literally me every three months both of my cats were sluts


you came to the wrong neighborhood motherfucker

this was literally me every three months both of my cats were sluts

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How to: Make a manip (#1)



Every manip is different, but this tutorial should help you a little when you are limited in photo choices for one of your people in the manip. It’s very in depth, and you might want to follow along and use the images I started out with to practise. That’s of course not mandatory though!


  • Photoshop CS6
  • Topaz Clean 3
  • PSD located here
  • Google images

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sobs like an ugly kid

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my tags fucking suck bye i’m too frustrated to do navigation again

To whom needed the black/white charrie gifs:

I haven’t found many! only two, meep.

What you should do, is stalk through the ”boyd x erica” tag yes from teen wolf. I know Erica isn’t brunette, but more of a dirty blonde, so I hope you’d be able to pass that!

I do not know if you want to see their faces, or something otherwise.

Here are the two I have gotten!

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Rare Ashley Greene gifs.

- I have never seen these gifs before, and I’ve scrolled down all the way down to the Ashley Greene Gif tag.

- Like if you take.

- Gif count: 5.

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